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 Azedra (retribution - paladin)

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I'm Here 4 Fun!

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PostSubject: Azedra (retribution - paladin)    Sat Jul 17, 2010 9:26 pm

1. Real Name, Age and Location ?
My real name is Virni… 17 years old … and I live in Albania

2. Have you read the guild rules and loot policy yet?
Yes, I did

3. When are you allowed to roll need in a Graid?
When I pass the Trial rank , I can loot need .

4. How many specs are you allowed to roll per Graid?
Only one spec roll that I will declare before the first boss.

5. Your main character's name, Class, Level & Professions?
Azedra , Paladin , 80 (Blacksmith and mining ).


6. What's your talent build(s)? Post link of your talent build tree.


7. Tell us about your Raiding Experience, what instances have you done, what is your job in the raid and
what are most important stats for your class/spec(s) ?

I went in a lot of raid … since the burning crusade in most of instcane. I went Ulduar and I know mostly all bosses how to lead and how to dps them. I like to dps so my character is paladin retribution.

8. Tells us about your previous guild(s), and the reason why you left it ?

Actualy I am back in wow after a pause … but I been at Sky guild that is not more .

9. What is the reason you're joining this guild, and how did you hear about us ?

A lot of people I meet that are in Zion guild told me that is very pro one and I rly want to join it .
**According to Class/spec that you're trialing for, please answer the questions that addresses your specs (Q7-9)
10. For DPSers - What is your dps score on the heroic boss dummy in Stormwind City Unbuffed?
Are you able to hit at least 3k(naxx geared) 4k(ulduar geared) dps on a single boss target like Patchwerk or Ignis? Screenshot it, totally.



I didn’t took SS for boss like Ignis … but this 2 SS can show my dps .

11. For healers - Please post your healing rotation and what spells you think should be your main Healing.

I Never been healer.

12. For Tanks - Please post your bonuses and ratings.

I am gathering tank gear … but I don’t have them full.

13. Do you have any alts ? If you have list them with name(s), class(es) and level(s), Do you plan to join them too ?

Ye I like to join my druid and rogue . they are low gear …

14. Are you able to play at 8-12pm (+8 GMT)? This is our usual Graid Timing.

Im a little confused about this clock but my … location time is GTM +1 … but summer now and I have lot of time to play.

15. During an official Graid which occurs daily and frequently, will you stop whatever you're doing (pvp,questing etc.) and come for it if help is needed?

Ye , for sure . Guild is very important

16. What addons do you use? Please remember that Zion is mainly a PVE guild.

I use Omen Addon…Class loot …Recount . Maybe there is any other good addon for graid that I should get ?

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PostSubject: Re: Azedra (retribution - paladin)    Sun Jul 18, 2010 1:54 am

Talents looks good in my opinion. Just place the last 2 points in pursuit of justice for extra movement speed, it's life-saving in some fights Wink

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I'm Here 4 Fun!

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PostSubject: Re: Azedra (retribution - paladin)    Sun Jul 18, 2010 4:59 am

at my new talent i have it Smile ...
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Gracias the Santa Claus
Gracias the Santa Claus

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PostSubject: Re: Azedra (retribution - paladin)    Sun Jul 18, 2010 1:56 pm

ok accepted then.. pm one of the officers (look at guild members thread) for invite.
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PostSubject: Re: Azedra (retribution - paladin)    

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Azedra (retribution - paladin)
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