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 Human priest

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I'm Here 4 Fun!

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PostSubject: Human priest   Tue Jul 13, 2010 10:10 pm

1. Real Name, Age and Location ?Alex,21,romania

2. Have you read the guild rules and loot policy yet?yes

3. When are you allowed to roll need in a Graid?i`m not if i am in trial

4. How many specs are you allowed to roll per Graid?only one,th main spec

5. Your main character's name, Class, Level & Professions? Show us a screenshot of your character stats info and raid UI.Annyya,priest,80,4.7gs ,herb,alch

6. What's your talent build(s)? Post link of your talent build tree.disc/holy

7. Tell us about your Raiding Experience, what instances have you done, what is your job in the raid and
what are most important stats for your class/spec(s) ?i have been in every instance from wow 1.0 to 3.2

8. Tells us about your previous guild(s), and the reason why you left it ?I am a high ranking member of fro,haven`t left yet but will for a chance of joining a better guild.I`d leave fro because the raids are very bad and the guild is heading nowhere fast.

9. What is the reason you're joining this guild, and how did you hear about us ?People said you were the best,and i want to be the best;)

**According to Class/spec that you're trialing for, please answer the questions that addresses your specs (Q7-9)

10. For DPSers - What is your dps score on the heroic boss dummy in Stormwind City Unbuffed? Are you able to hit at least 3k(naxx geared) 4k(ulduar geared) dps on a single boss target like Patchwerk or Ignis? Screenshot it, totally.

11. For healers - Please post your healing rotation and what spells you think should be your main Healing.Depends on the boss or mobs,the most used spells for gruop healing are prayer and circle of healing followed by instant flash heal-this is in holy...there are other combinations,but as i said it depends on the situation

12. For Tanks - Please post your bonuses and ratings.

13. Do you have any alts ? If you have list them with name(s), class(es) and level(s), Do you plan to join them too ?i have only a warlock,evellynn,4.5 gs,lvl 80,and yes,if the guild needs it i`ll join with him aswell

14. Are you able to play at 8-12pm (+8 GMT)? This is our usual Graid Timing.yes

15. During an official Graid which occurs daily and frequently, will you stop whatever you're doing (pvp,questing etc.) and come for it if help is needed?ofc

16. What addons do you use? Please remember that Zion is mainly a PVE guild.i play without addons,i play wow for a long time and am used this way...old school...but if having a addon in this guild is mandatory i`ll install it

Hope to hear from you soon,pm me pls

Have a nice day
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I'm Here 4 Fun!

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PostSubject: Re: Human priest   Tue Jul 13, 2010 10:41 pm

I have inspected this guy.. And he have good gears and ok talents I guess.. We wait for the higher ups to reply.. Goodluck Cool
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I'm Here 4 Fun!

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PostSubject: Re: Human priest   Wed Jul 14, 2010 12:41 am

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Gracias the Santa Claus

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PostSubject: Re: Human priest   Thu Jul 15, 2010 12:18 am

looks ok to me, pm one of the officers (you can find out from the official members thread which hasnt really been updated in a long while Smile) to get inside the guild.

Please note that guild is currently taking a much needed break until new content is released!
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PostSubject: Re: Human priest   

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Human priest
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