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 Gangstarr's Application

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Gangstarr's Application  Empty
PostSubject: Gangstarr's Application    Gangstarr's Application  EmptySat Jul 03, 2010 8:06 pm

1. Real Name, Age and Location ?
My real name is Toshe Nikoloski, i'm 19 years old, and i'm from Macedonia

2. Have you read the guild rules and loot policy yet?
Yes, i read them, to know what are the needs of this guild

3. When are you allowed to roll need in a Graid?
When i need that item for only one spec that i choose to roll about it before first boss. And if i have any other altchars in that raid, i shouldn't roll on them with need,

4. How many specs are you allowed to roll per Graid?
Only the one spec, choosing before raid starts with first boss in that instance.

5. Your main character's name, Class, Level & Professions? Show us a screenshot of your character stats info and raid UI.
My main char's name is Gangstarr, it's Death Knigh/lvl80/Mining and JCing.

6. What's your talent build(s)? Post link of your talent build tree.
My primary talent build was Unholy, but now i play on Frost.

7. Tell us about your Raiding Experience, what instances have you done, what is your job in the raid and what are most important stats for your class/spec(s) ?
I'm playing WoW more than 3 years, so my raiding xp is really good. I've been in most of the instances that are released with WOTLK.Even i've been in ToC in some other servers.I like to go in raids, but i don't like to lead them very much, because of no serious players, i lose my nervs.And because of that, i'm really dedicated player when raid is going on. I like to listen i follow the orders of the leader, so that raid can be sucessful.My importants stats are strength at first, and then stamina and armor.Also some spell penetration for frost, will do the thing for the spell attack on my char.

8. Tells us about your previous guild(s), and the reason why you left it ?
The only guild on this server that i've been is Hardcore Pwnography, and i left it because core players left from their own things. Now guild is dead, and ppl that left there are cruel and i hate them. In other servers i've been co-guild leader in Pimp Slap Crew, Distinguished Member in Evolution and only member in Canes Venatici (all three horde guilds from ex-scape)

9. What is the reason you're joining this guild, and how did you hear about us ?
I like going pve, and this is one of the best guilds for organised guild raiding.And i heard from Zvonac, when we were in Naxx raid, he said at the end " This raid had
been powered by Zion"
**According to Class/spec that you're trialing for, please answer the questions that addresses your specs (Q7-9)

10. For DPSers - What is your dps score on the heroic boss dummy in Stormwind City Unbuffed? Are you able to hit at least 3k(naxx geared) 4k(ulduar geared) dps on a single boss target like Patchwerk or Ignis? Screenshot it, totally.
I do between 3k and 4k dps on boss, because i'm combine geared from naxx/eos/ulduar. 4411 gear score for now is ok to go in Ulduar and collect the right gear.

13. Do you have any alts ? If you have list them with name(s), class(es) and level(s), Do you plan to join them too ?
I don't have alt char because i like to gear my main char first

14. Are you able to play at 8-12pm (+8 GMT)? This is our usual Graid Timing.
I need to check that online in wow, but i think that is good time for me.

15. During an official Graid which occurs daily and frequently, will you stop whatever you're doing (pvp,questing etc.) and come for it if help is needed?
For sure, always gonna be there when guild needs me.

16. What addons do you use? Please remember that Zion is mainly a PVE guild.
I use some addons for runes, horn of winter reminder etc. But i'll ask what addons should i put for raiding because i don't have a lot of them

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Gangstarr's Application  Empty
PostSubject: Re: Gangstarr's Application    Gangstarr's Application  EmptySat Jul 10, 2010 11:07 am

can you please post the dps( recount meter ) of you doing dps on dummy for 2 mins and above? the rest are fine i guess?
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Santa's Elves

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Gangstarr's Application  Empty
PostSubject: Re: Gangstarr's Application    Gangstarr's Application  EmptySat Jul 10, 2010 1:51 pm

Dks do not need gearscore to dps,you need 2 slow weapons,talents are bad,you're using way too much pvp gear.Badge farm a while now b4 tier 9 is released and i'm pretty sure that you will get in.
Edit:Talents are also really bad,I suggest you start reading some guides or sites if you really want to get in the guild.
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Gangstarr's Application  Empty
PostSubject: Re: Gangstarr's Application    Gangstarr's Application  Empty

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Gangstarr's Application
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