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 Zion Guild Rules 101

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Gracias the Santa Claus
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Zion Guild Rules 101 Empty
PostSubject: Zion Guild Rules 101   Zion Guild Rules 101 EmptyFri Jun 18, 2010 3:44 pm

Official Guild Rules:


1. Always treat each other with respect.
2. Respect seniority and authority
3. Problems with loot should be settled amongst yourselves with the Guild Loot Policy as a guideline. If things get out of hand, please get an Officer to assist you.

Guild Raiding Rules:

1. If its an official Graid, stop whatever you're doing unless its extremely important (life and death) and join it. Official Graids are led by Core Members/Officers.
2. If you intend on making an Official Graid on your own, please ensure that you do not reserve any ML items for yourself unless everyone agrees to it.
3. If you're bringing alts, please bring them before the first boss starts. NO INVITATIONS FOR ALTS AFTER WHICH WILL BE ACCEPTED. THIS IS TO QUICKEN THE RAID.

Loot Policy:

1. Overarching rule: Main Characters have rolling priority over Official Alts.
2. One Spec Rolls PER GRAID. You will declare before the first boss.
3. NBG Chest loot (those that we can't ML) - Greed for Alts, Need For Mains. Simple as that.
4. Trialists will not be able to roll unless given permission to do so. You can however, loot total leftovers. Remember the Mains>Alts>Trials loot policy.

Alternate-Joining Policy:

1. Any amount of alternates are accepted in the guild.
2. Based on rank, you're only allowed to have that number of alts which are termed Official Alts to have rolling power in a Graid (Mains>Alts rule still stands)

Ranks are as follows:

Santa's Elves - 1 Official Alt
Joker's Minions - 2 Official Alts
The Pilgrims - 3 Official Alts
The Avengers - 4 Official Alts

3. No switching of Official Alts or even Mains in a guild unless a window opens for that.
4. Please ensure proper mastery of Alternates in guild, especially if you're using it for a Graid. Mediocre playing will result in warnings and gkicks thereafter.

So when will i get Gkicked?!
- You get gkicked after 2 warnings however if you're really that sucky, we might just kick you straight away. Else you get plenty of chances to improve, since we're looking for people that listen.

Thats all for now!
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Zion Guild Rules 101
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