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 Diler's app

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PostSubject: Re: Diler's app   Diler's app EmptyMon Jun 21, 2010 10:27 pm

according to guild mates, your stats are good. i will accept you. /w Weakshiz or one of the officers online when you are online.
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I'm Here 4 Fun!

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PostSubject: Diler's app   Diler's app EmptyMon Jun 21, 2010 10:05 pm

1. Real Name, Age and Location ?

Luka, 15, Osijek, Croatia

2. Have you read the guild rules and loot policy yet?


3. When are you allowed to roll need in a Graid?

Umm... I do like this: I "Need" when i need item, and i greed for offspec. I have no PvE alts so guild rules for greeding dont work for me Razz

4. How many specs are you allowed to roll per Graid?

Ill roll only 1 as the rules say.

5. Your main character's name, Class, Level & Professions? Show us a screenshot of your character stats info and raid UI.


6. What's your talent build(s)? Post link of your talent build tree.

Feral, http://www.wowhead.com/talent#0ZtGGscbdfeRchuAkbx

7. Tell us about your Raiding Experience, what instances have you done, what is your job in the raid and
what are most important stats for your class/spec(s) ?

Did all Trash Very Happy, All EoC's Except VH, Nexus, Occulus etc (All EoC's that are not common to do),
XT 10,25 man, Kolo 10 man, Ignis 10 man, Mimiron 10 man, Freya 10 man

Dodge, Armor, HP

8. Tells us about your previous guild(s), and the reason why you left it ?

Ive been in Elitism, very helpful guys but not online

9. What is the reason you're joining this guild, and how did you hear about us ?

I haven't seen anyone lower than 4300 gs and i've heard that u GRAID most of the time =D

12. For Tanks - Please post your bonuses and ratings.


13. Do you have any alts ? If you have list them with name(s), class(es) and level(s), Do you plan to join them too ?

Nop, maybe in future..

14. Are you able to play at 8-12pm (+8 GMT)? This is our usual Graid Timing.

Im +1 GMT and i think ill be able to GRAID Since theres no school cheers

15. During an official Graid which occurs daily and frequently, will you stop whatever you're doing (pvp,questing etc.) and come for it if help is needed?

Ill stop questing, but you will maybe have to wait if some bg's that are near end. Ok?

16. What addons do you use? Please remember that Zion is mainly a PVE guild.

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Diler's app
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