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 Clockwerkz Application

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PostSubject: Re: Clockwerkz Application   Fri Jun 25, 2010 12:33 pm

stagnant here for too long. rejected
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Santa's Elves

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PostSubject: Re: Clockwerkz Application   Sat Jun 19, 2010 4:29 pm

I'm not a real expert with the warriors but i presume that this build is a bit better.
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Gracias the Santa Claus
Gracias the Santa Claus

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PostSubject: Re: Clockwerkz Application   Sat Jun 19, 2010 4:28 pm

We have a few fillipinos in guild as well. Firstly, i don't know much about warrior specific talent build but as for addons: You should get more raid addons such as Omen and DBM. We're looking for raid awareness and skills more than anything else.

Also, you should copy and paste the questions before answering them as well.

As for loot, please read guild rules again, you're only allowed to declare and roll 1 spec before official graid starts after you pass your trial.

Thanks, now a warrior will check on your talent build etc.
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I'm Here 4 Fun!

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PostSubject: Clockwerkz Application   Sat Jun 19, 2010 3:54 pm

1. Albert Abiabi age=19 Philippines
2. Yes i read the Guild and Loot Policy.
3. I will only roll 1 spec to my main spec, but if i declare 1st b4 the boss killing start then I can roll the other one.
4. One spec only
5.Name of Main Character: Clockwerkz
Prof: Engineering and Mining Lvl80
6.Fury Build up:(offspec)

Prot PVP build UP(main)

7. I Raid Almost all boss in Naxx (except Thaddius) , OS, EOC farms, ULD(10) boss(ignis, razor, xt, kolo, IC , aururiya, Freya, Mimiron, thorim, Kologram). ULD (25)bosses(ignis, xt, kolo, IC , Freya and mimiron) I am Either DPS or Tank (def =574 block rate=37.76% dodge=20% parry=22%).

8. Im a Member of the Guild SOLO before. I left because i cant become strong in that guild and i only do helping them improving their character.

9.The Reason i join in the guild ZION because i want to learn tactics from bosses lead by the pro member of that Guild. I hear about this guild from my friend before Gracias (even though he forgot about me as time goes by T_T).

10. (4.3k dps)

12. (def =574 block rate=37.76% dodge=20% parry=22%).

13. This is my one and ONLY character.

14.Yup i can play but not always because I'm a college student. Study first before playing.

15. I can also stop if it is Urgent. I believe that i can do it again on whatever i do in that current situation when you need my help even busy. But sometimes the Owner of the internet cafe that i am playing will ask me to lvl up his character so in that time i cant guarantee to help maybe 50%.

16. Atlas(BG, DL, Outdoor Raid,) Atlas loot, Atlas Quest, Atlas repair, Atlast Loot Fu, Gatherer, KillMore by TXTlingit and Gear Score.
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PostSubject: Re: Clockwerkz Application   

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Clockwerkz Application
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